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Helping your child with Literacy and Numeracy at Home

A new resource has been created for parents and carers of children in the early years of school. 


The Helping your child with literacy and numeracy at home booklet (pdf 4.35MB) is full of activities and ideas to help parents and carers support their child and help develop early literacy and numeracy skills. They connect skills taught in the classroom with real life activities and resources found at home. 


In the middle of the booklet there is a ten frame (pdf 1.66MB) that parents can pull out. Ten frames support the development of number sense. Parents can use the ten frame and household objects, such as coins or beans, to show numbers less than or equal to ten, or to show combinations of numbers that add to ten. Ten frame

The ten frame supports your child to make connections between counting, adding and subtracting.

The use of the objects in the frame visually helps your child with:

  • developing counting skills
  • quick recall of patterns to a number
  • a strong understanding of the numbers to ten.

Ten frame

Image: Examples of using a ten frame

Use objects in the squares to create games around counting, adding and subtracting to 10. The objects can be arranged in different ways to represent different numbers.

You can use any small objects, such as pebbles or pieces of lego.

Visit the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment webpage for more information and links to all resources.