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Communication with our parents

The Schoobytes and Audiri apps are our primary source of communication with our school community.

We wish to ensure that we are able to communicate day to day information as well as Emergency information should the need arise. We have included a link below which will provide details on how to get the skoolbag app on your smart phone, as well as how to ensure you are subscribed correctly to receive messages.

Audiri Help for App Users | Audiri's Coral Communities Help Center

Should you have any issues with subscribing please contact the Skoolbag team via 'Need more help with the App? | Audiri's Coral Communities Help Center'

What is Audiri? 

Audiri is is an app that communicates directly with iPhone and Android devices.

Audiri provides schools with an easy way to tell parents and caregivers everything they need to know, and it provides parents & caregivers with the most convenient way to receive school notifications.

School Newsletters, school notices, class notes and alerts are communicated directly to the parent/caregiver's smartphone or tablet through the Audiri app.

How does it work? 

Parents and caregivers simply add the free Audiri app to their phone or other device (go to the Apple App store or the Google Play Store to download the Skoolbag app). Sign up in seconds with your email address to create an account. Search for your school and add your subscription groups.

You can then view all notes and newsletters, receive notifications and reminders as well as view and print documents and notes from the app. 

Download the app to be kept up to date with everything that is happening at Springwood Public School. 

Please find a link below providing information on how to put the skoolbag app on your smart device.

Audiri App Information

Other forms of communication

  • Schoolbytes - All excursions, activities, sporting events, absence notifications, account statements and payments are made through this application. 
  • Fortnightly Newsletter (sent out via Audiri app and also available on the school website)
  • School website calendar.
  • Twitter for special occasions.
  • P&C Facebook Page for P&C events.
  • Phone the office on 0247 511 333 if you need any further information.