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You may find the resources below helpful in supporting your child at Primary School

Handwriting Guide for Parents


In order to support your child in handwriting development, engage them in a range of fine motor activities to strengthen hand muscles. In NSW public schools, students learn to use the NSW Foundation Style writing font. Click HERE for more information

Parent Guide to the NSW Primary Syllabuses

Parent Guide to the Syllabuses

As a parent of a primary school student, you will want to know what your child is learning so you can support them at home.

This 'Parent Guide to the NSW Primary Syllabuses' is provided to help you follow your child’s early learning and to help you when talking to teachers about day-to-day classroom activities and your child’s progress.

Helping your child with literacy and numeracy at home

Helping your child with literacy and numeracy at home

This 'Helping your child with literacy resource' has been created for parents, carers and families of children in the early years of school. The activities support the important learning that happens at home. They are designed for you to have fun with your child and to help them have a great start at school.